Patrons in the queue gates see their boat pull into the station ready to take a load of 12 eager guests on their floating dark ride adventure. Seating three abreast, the guests gaze around the highly themed environment as their boat is launched forward into the story. The boat travels down its trough weaving through scenic areas and projected media scenes. Unique FX elements heave the boat, tilt it up and down as if running through rapids, stop it in place, run it backwards, spin it about as if in a whirlpool, and even move it sideways as if a monster is pushing it. The storyline is enhanced with off board effects of wind, mist, heat, underwater projection, scent and fog. As the story and the ride come to a conclusion the boat safely returns to the station bringing the guests back to the real world.

Attraction Description

CAVU’s Amazon Drifter Floating Dark Ride is an immersive media based flume ride. The flume boats are 12 passenger vessels designed to carry 4 rows of 3 people, making a perfect family ride. Rather than a standard water trough where the boat simply travels down the water path, the dynamic trough combines the fun of floating with various elements allowing the boat to thrust forward and reverse, rotate, heave up, tilt forward, or even slide sideways via different conveyor belt systems and trough switches.

The ride system is designed to be operated indoors, using a trough path moving between various media-based and practical/animatic scenes. The effects are amplified with the use of off-board elements such as wind, mist, heat and scent, as well as water based effects such as rapids waves, waterfalls, whirlpools, underwater projection, geysers and water tunnels.

General Specifications

Seats 12
Seat Configuration 4 rows of 3 seats
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical with 10 boats) 900
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 120 sec
Show Time (Typical) 6 min
Total Ride Time (Typical) 8 min

Details for Designers

Number of Seats 12
Restraint System none
Restraint Monitor N/A
Recommended Minimum Ride Height N/A
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC est with 10 boats) 900
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate total) 2 min
Show Time (Typical) 6 min
Total Ride Time (Typical) 8 min
Trough Turn Radius 8 m
Platform Pitch Range +/- 10°
Pitch Response Time (-10° to +10°) 2 sec
Platform Roll Range +/- 10°
Platform Roll Time (-10° to +10°) 1 sec
Platform Rotation Range 360°
Platform Rotation Time (360°) 4 sec
Chute angle <20°
Conveyor Motion Fully Programmable
Ancillary Functions Fully Programmable
Extra Features Aux Control Outputs (10%)
Safety Related Control System (SRCS) PLC
PLC Type PLC Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley
A/V System See Special Requirements

Overall Building Dimensions

Length 94 meters
Width 58 meters
Height 10 meters

Functional Description

Guests step down from the loading dock into the boat into one of the four rows of three seats. Once the guests are seated, the boat dispatches into the trough.

The trough allows for either free floating, or for controlled dynamic sections, a conveyor system under the boat rises and provides pitch and roll for the boat. An indexing trough switch allows for the boat to rotate up to 360 degrees or index to any lesser angle. The conveyor systems allow for an incline up to 20 degrees and the trough allows chute type descents up to 20 degrees downward.

Throughout the ride, the guests are surrounded by immersive media in either 2D or 3D format, as well as physical sets and theming. On- and off-board SFX elements such as wind, mist, scent, heat and cool air are available to increase the immersive experience.

As the ride comes to an end, guests step up out of the boat onto the dock for departure.


Major Elements

  • Multiple 12 passenger boats
  • Dynamic conveyor / trough system
  • High Capacity
  • Multiple High Intensity 2D or 3D Projectors
  • On board sound system
Sketch Up
3DS Max


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