This fast action dark ride blurs the boundary between virtual and reality.

CAVU’s Storm Chaser™ Multi Axis Dark Ride System is a highly dynamic vehicle system designed to provide a total of 5 Degrees of Freedom (5 DOF). Vehicles have the freedom of movement similar to that of a robot arm, but, with a high capacity of 10 seats per vehicle, giving the attraction the next level in efficiency and technology.

Storm Chaser™ Multi Axis Dark Ride System is designed to transport riders through a lush scenic and/or media rich environment.

Attraction Description

The ride system is comprised of a number of rail-guided base vehicles with multi axis motion bases mounted on top. The motion base seats 10 riders in 2 rows of 5. The system is capable of tilting forward to a vertical position as well as rotating about its central axis. It has a separate pitch for the seat rows. Combining the movements, this provides a total of 5 Degrees of Freedom (5 DOF).

Individual seat surround sound makes the experience totally immersive.

General Specifications

Number of Seats per Vehicle 10
Seat Configuration (Front to Back) 5 rides per row
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical with 10 Vehicles) 1200
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 60 sec
Show Time (Typical) 4 min
Total Ride Time (Typical) 5 min

Details for Designers

Number of Seats per Vehicle 10
Seat Configuration (Front to Back) 5 riders per row
Restraint System Individual over the shoulder restraint, electronically monitored
Recommended Minimum Ride Height ≥120 cm
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC typical assuming 10 vehicles) 1200
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 60 sec
Show Time (Typical) 4 min.
Total Ride Time (Typical) 5 min.
Seating Platform Pitch (fore) +90° @ 6 sec
Individual Seat Pitch (aft) -90° @ 6 sec
Vehicle Speed Up to 2.7 m/sec
Acceleration 1.0 m/sec2
Rotary Axis Speed (Yaw) 60°/sec
Safety System & Motion/Show Control Rockwell / Allen Bradley
Platform Motion Fully Programmable
Seat Pitch Motion Fully Programmable
Special Effects Fully Programmable
Ancillary Functions Fully Programmable
Extra Features Aux Control Outputs (10%)
Safety Related Control System (SRCS) PLC
PLC Type Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley
Emergency Evacuation See Special Requirements
A/V System See Special Requirements


Vehicle Dimension

Length 4.8 meters
Width 4.2 meters
Height 5.6 meters

Overall Building Dimensions

Length 98 meters
Width 55 meters
Height 10 meters

Functional Description

In the load/unload area, the vehicle seating platform is in a horizontal orientation with 2 rows of 5 seats. Once riders are seated, each rider is secured with a comfortable over the shoulder restraint. When the vehicle moves forward, the seating platform rotates to a completely vertical orientation. The two rows are situated one above of the other. Riders still face forward.

In the “show” position, the seats are capable of a thrilling forward pitch up to a full 90 degrees. Combining this with the seating platform’s ability to then pitch back to the horizontal position, a complete 180 degrees turn, creates a totally new sensation, the effect of heave. The seating platform is additionally able to rotate 360 degrees about on its vertical axis.

When the audiovisual ends, the theatre seating platform returns to the horizontal load/unload position where the restraints are released and riders exit.


Major Elements

  • Ride Vehicles with Seating/Motion Platform
  • Seats w/over the Shoulder Restraints
  • Individual Seat Surround Sound
  • Rail Guided Drive System
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