CAVU’s Turbo Racer is an action – packed dual function dark ride / coaster that takes guests on an exciting experience through a highly themed environment. The vehicle drives through a number of scenes, races up and down hills, maneuvering around curves, avoiding collisions, all with exciting media capturing guests’ attention.

At a given point of the indoor ride portion The Turbo Racer’s motion based vehicle, with its ultimate design, stops and can transition from an indoor dark ride system to an outdoor coaster track with speeds up to 80km/h. The vehicle eventually transitions back onto the indoor track until it reaches the end of the journey back in the unloading area.

Attraction Description

The ride system is comprised of a number of rail-guided base vehicles. The vehicle seats 8 riders in two rows of 4. The ride vehicles have on-board motion bases and monitored lap belt restraints. The system is capable of travelling up to 80km/h.

General Specifications

Number of Seats per Vehicle 8
Seat Configuration (Front to Back) 4 rides per row
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical with 9 Vehicles) 720
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 60 sec
Show Time (Typical) 5 min
Total Ride Time (Typical) 6 min

Details for Designers

Number of Seats per Vehicle 8
Seat Configuration (Front to Back) 4 riders per row
Restraint System Individual lap belt restraint, electronically monitored
Recommended Minimum Ride Height
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC typical assuming 9 vehicles) 720
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 60 sec
Show Time (Typical) 5 min.
Total Ride Time (Typical) 5 min.
Seating Platform Pitch (fore) +8° @3s
Seating Platform Roll -6° @3s
Vehicle Speed (outdoor) Up to 80km/h
Vehicle Speed (indoor)  2.75m/s
Rotary Axis Speed (Yaw) 360° (continuous or indexing)
Indoor Vehicle Turning Radius 3.5m
Outdoor Vehicle Turning Radius 10m
Lighting LED Headlights
Special Effects
Ancillary Functions
Extra Features
Safety Related Control System (SRCS)
PLC Type
Emergency Evacuation See Special Requirements
A/V System See Special Requirements


Functional Description

Vehicles are loaded in a load/unload station typical of dark rides. At the station, the upper vehicle is attached to the dark ride lower chassis. Once the guests are seated and monitored lap belts are latched, the ride vehicle moves forward toward the various indoor scenes. The dark ride system includes a motion base allowing the passenger cabin to tilt, roll and yaw.

At a given point of the indoor ride portion, the ride vehicle stops and engages with the Cabin Transfer Mechanism (CTM). The CTM unlocks the cabin from the DRC below, pushes the cabin laterally to an awaiting HSC. The CTM then locks the Cabin to the HSC.

Once the cabin is mated to the HSC, the vehicle is launched forward using a simple and reliable cable launch system. The vehicle uses kinetic energy to travel along the track, indoors and/or outdoors, until it reaches the end of the high speed section and comes to a stop, using pneumatic brakes, at a second CTM.

The CTM transfers the cabin back to the DRC, locks them together, then the vehicle travels along the remainder of the dark ride path to conclude back at the load/unload station.


Major Elements

  • Ride Vehicles with on-board motion bases
  • Seats w/monitored lap belt restraints
  • Dark Ride track
  • High speed coaster launch track


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