Have a seat, buckle up and float into the aerial adventure of a lifetime….

We offer the most straightforward flying theatre system available. Our engineers have combined the most effective guest movement experiences with the least amount of complexity or cost to achieve that objective, all while observing the highest safety and reliability standards.

Attraction Description

CAVU’s Free Flight™ Theatre provides an engaging flying theatre experience for the whole family.  The attraction consists of a 2 DOF motion-based platform, seats for 72 riders, a wraparound half-dome screen, high intensity projectors, high end media servers and high fidelity audio.

General Specifications

Number of Seats (per module) 8
Seat Configuration (Front To Back) 1 row
Theatre Screen Diameter – Standard 21.5 m
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical) 751
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 105 sec
Show Time (Typical) 240 sec
Total Ride Time (Typical) 5.75 min

Details for Designers

Number of Seats (per module) 8
Recommended Number of Modules 9
Restraint System Overhead lap bar for entire row, individual seat belt
Recommended Minimum Ride Height 110 cm
Theatre Screen Diameter – Standard 21.5 m
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC) 751
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 105 sec
Show Time (Typical) 240 sec
Total Ride Time (Typical) 5.75 min
Push Out Distance 2 m to 5.1 m
Push Out Speed 1.1 m/sec
Seat Pitch Range (Pitch Forward Or Pitch Back) ±13°
Seat Pitch Rate 10°/sec
Roll Angle Range ±12°
Roll Speed Rate 10°/sec
Yaw Angle Range ±6°
Yaw Angle Rate 10°/sec
Sway ± 240 mm
Sway Speed 300 mm/sec
 Surge ± 240 mm
Surge Speed 300 mm/sec
Platform Motion System Electric Actuators
Safety System & Motion/Show Control Siemens
Seat Motion Fully Programmable
Special Effects Wind, Mist, Scent, Back Punch
Ancillary Functions Fully Programmable
Extra Features Aux Control Outputs (10%)
Safety Related Control System (SRCS) PLC
PLC Type Siemens
Emergency Evacuation See Special Requirements
A/V System See Special Requirements


Overall Building Dimensions

Length 23 meters
Width 25 meters
Height 18 meters


Functional Description

Once riders are seated with their lap bar and lap belts secured, the hexapod motion base unit pushes out into the show area, giving every rider a front row seat. The seats can move in 6DOF in synchronization with the projected media, sound and special effects. Wind, water mist or multiple scents can be introduced from the overhead canopy, as well poking effects integrated into the seat back.

When the show ends, the hexapod motion base unit returns to the loading area. The lap bar and lap belts are released and riders exit. Riders enter the theater as previous riders exit, minimizing load/unload times.

The CAVU 8-Seat Hexapod system is typically used in a “stacked” flying theater configuration but may be used in other configurations requiring a 6 DOF dynamic motion base.

The system is a building block system and may be used to produce Flying Theatres of varying sizes using multiple motion bases on multiple levels along with immersive screen.  The most efficient system utilizes nine (9) eight (8) seat motion bases arranged on three (3) levels with three pods on each level, i.e., a 3 – 3 – 3 arrangement.


Major Elements

  • Seating / motion platform
  • Seats w/lap belts
  • Theatre surrounding sound
  • Special effects
  • Half-dome screen
  • High intensity projectors
  • Media servers
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