Every seat in the house is the best seat when you hitch a ride for adventure in this open top touring tram.

Embark on an amazing excursion in our open top touring tram. Parallel loading stations keep capacity high for the operators, and spirits high for the riders. The vehicle departs the station on a journey through an immersive tunnel and opens up into an expansive full dome-screen room, where a floor mounted motion base under the vehicle amplifies the projected media to create an unforgettable visual and visceral trip.

Attraction Description

CAVU′s Midnight Excursion™ delivers an incredible excursion ride with realistic motion synchronized with high resolution 3D imagery across two scene areas. The off-board motion base produces pitch, roll, heave, bounce and vibration. Sound and special effects of water mist, wind and scent can be added. Riders feel like they are riding in a real tram, having a unique adventure.

Each tram accommodates 56 riders in 8 rows of 7 riders each. A collective lap bar provides restraint and a convenient hand hold for riders.

The complete solution consists of Ride Vehicles, Motion Platform, Projection Screens, 3D High Intensity 4K Projectors and High Fidelity audio.

General Specifications

Number of Vehicles 1 2
Seats per Vehicle 56 56
Seat Configuration 8 rows of 7 riders each 8 rows of 7 riders each
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 3 min 5 min (within cycle)
Vehicle Switch Track Time 0.25 min
Transition Time to Scenes 0.5 min 0.5 min
Setup Time (two motion bases) 0.5 min 0.5 min
Show Time Curved Screen Scene (Typical) 1 min 1 min
Show Time Dome Screen Scene (Typical) 3 min 3 min
Total Cycle Time (Typical) 8 min 5.25 min
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical) 420 640

Details for Designers

Number/Type of Vehicles 2
Riders per Vehicle 56
Seating Configuration 8 rows of 7 riders each
Seating Type Molded FRP
Minimum Recommended Rider Height 102 cm
Restraint Collective Lap Bar/Seat Row 2 Position Locking
Locking Positions Open and Closed
Dampening Multiple Dampeners
Padding Polyurethane Foam Padding Per ASTM F
Special Features Hand Hold Bar
Operator Indicators Red & Green Lights on Side Panel Green = Closed & Locked
Red = Open & Unlocked
Safety Monitor Open/Closed/Locked Sensors Door Locked Closed = Start Enable
Overall Dimensions 3m x 12m
Suspension Fixed Cushion Mounts
Road Wheels Aluminum/Polyurethane > 0.5m Dia.
Guide System Vertical Guide Rail Fixed to Facility Floor
Guide Wheels Dual Aluminum/Polyurethane Front & Rear of Vehicle
Seat Vibration Effect 2-10 Hz Under Seat Transducers
Transition Time 1.5 min
Presentation Time 5 min (Typical) Two Projection Areas
Total Cycle Time 6.5 min 1 Vehicle System
Switch Track Move & Lock Time 30 sec 2 Vehicle System
Typical Presentation Time 4 min Total 2 Projection Areas
Vehicle Lock/Unlock Time 1 min Total 2 Motion Areas
Typical Load/Unload Time 3 min 5 min – 2 Vehicle System
Typical Cycle Time 8 min 1 Vehicle System
Vehicle Transportation System
Transit Time 0.5 min To/From Presentation Areas
Track Switch Time 0.25 min 2 Vehicle System
Platform Size Approx. 3m X 12m Sufficient to Support Tram
Motion System Open Loop Air Bag
Air Supply Compressor/Storage Tanks
Roll Motion ±15° Soft Stop at End of Travel
Roll Motion Rate 15°/sec
Roll Response Time 0.1 sec Min. Plumbing/Valve Delays
Pitch Motion ±15° Soft Stop at End of Travel
Pitch Motion Rate 15°/sec
Pitch Response Time 0.1 sec Min. Plumbing/Valve Delays
Heave Motion 0.3m
Heave Rate 1m/sec
Heave Response Time 0.1 sec Plumbing/Valve Delays


Functional Description

Vehicles are moved via off board cable drive system with onboard locking mechanism.

Two vehicles sit in the dual station setting; Vehicle #1 loads/unloads from Platform #1 and Vehicle #2 load/unloads from Platform #2.

Vehicle #1 is loaded and the lap bars are closed. A Track Switch dispatches Tram #1 into the excursion area. While Vehicle #1 is on its excursion, Tram #2 is being loaded and lap bars closed.

When Vehicle #1 returns and passes the Track Switch, the Track Switch is changed to connect Vehicle #2 to the excursion track. Vehicle #2 is then dispatched into the excursion area.

This sequence of alternately dispatching and receiving Vehicle continues in an orderly manner.

CAVU′s attraction may be operated with only one Vehicle if desired. This provides a level of redundancy, reduces operating costs and allows operators to adjust capacity depending on demand. In this case only one platform is used and the Track Switch remains in the appropriate position.

Major Elements

  • 2 each 56 Seat Ride Vehicles
  • 2 each Motion Platform
  • 2 each Curved Projection Screens w/Projectors and Servers
  • 1 Dome Projection Screen w/Projectors and Servers
  • 2 area Audio Systems w/Players and Amplifiers
Sketch Up
3DS Max


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