All aboard! This space-age touring simulator shuttles you on a billowing, action-packed 3D adventure. Hop on board for your ticket to ride.

Our touring tram simulator offers the most advanced design in the industry. A high-walled projection screen wraps around both sides and in front of the motion base mounted vehicle. Unique to our system is a drop down loading platform and large radius screen to provide the best visual experience possible. Also, our dual station offers back to back ride systems to double capacity and increase efficiency, making the queue lines short and the fun factor long.

Attraction Description

The Midnight Express™ is a touring tram simulator set in a fully immersive environment that provides riders with the experience of visiting realistic and imagined places. Motion and 3D imagery is synchronized thus creating a realistic excursion vehicle experience. The on-board motion base produces pitch, roll, heave, bounce and vibration. The vehicle includes onboard monitors, sound and special effects of water mist, wind and scent. The cockpit and pilot at the front of each vehicle is created by high quality video projection. Riders feel like they are being driven in a real excursion vehicle on a very unique journey.

The vehicle sides pivot upward to provide easy rider access and sight blocking as guests enter the ride area. Each vehicle accommodates fifty riders in ten rows of five riders each. A collective lap bar provides restraint and a convenient hand hold for riders.

The complete solution consists of Themed Vehicles, Motion Platform, Surrounding Screens, 3D High Intensity 4K projectors and High Fidelity audio.

General Specifications

Number of Vehicles 1 / 2
Seat Configuration 5 riders per row x 10 rows
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical) 500 / 1000
Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 2 min
Show Time (Typical) 4 min
Total Ride Time (Typical) 6 min

Details for Designers

Number/Type of Vehicles 1 2 vehicle system recommended
Riders per Vehicle 50
Seating Configuration 10 rows of 5 riders each All rows facing forward
Seating Type Molded FRP Contoured w/Seat Horn
Doors & Restraint Vehicle doors Closes off side opening
Recommended Minimum Rider Height 102 cm
Operator Indicators Red & Green lights Green = Door Closed & Locked
Red = Door Open & Unlocked
Safety Monitor Open/Closed/Locked Sensors Door Locked Closed = Start Enable
Vehicle Dimensions 3m x 12m Approximate
Operating Sequence
Loading/Unloading 2 min
Show 4 min Typical show length
Total Cycle Time 6 min
Hourly Capacity (THRC) 500/hr 2 vehicles increases to 1000/hr
Vehicle Motion
Roll Motion ± 15° Soft Stop at End of Travel
Rate 15°/sec
Response Time 0.1 sec Min. Plumbing/Valve Delays
Pitch Motion ± 15° Soft Stop at End of Travel
Rate 15°/sec
Heave Motion 0.3 m
Rate 0.3 m/sec
Response Time 0.1 sec No noticeable delays
Seat Vibration Effect 2-10 Hz Under Seat Transducers

Overall Building Dimensions

Length 18 meters
Width 6 meters
Height 8 meters

Functional Description

One Ride System:

With the retractable loading platforms in place and vehicle side raised, riders easily load into the vehicle. They are able to see the driver’s cockpit and pilot in front.

Once fully loaded and the special Excursion Glasses (3D) are donned the lights go down and the loading platforms silently fold down out of sight.

The screens come alive with high resolution 3D imagery and the story unfolds, enhanced by realistic motion and special effects.

When the story is completed the loading platforms miraculously reappear and the lights again turn on, the vehicle side then opens and riders exit.

The design is such that the attraction may be operated with one (1) Ride Vehicle or two (2) to increase hourly capacity. The two (2) vehicle system is conveniently arranged such that a common Queue and Pre-Show are used and the vehicles are loaded alternately thus allowing one vehicle to be loaded while the other is on the excursion. This system also provides redundancy in case one vehicle is disabled for maintenance. Operating one vehicle on slow days reduces operating cost and allows operators to adjust capacity depending on demand.

In order to provide redundancy the two (2) vehicle system is recommended. This arrangement has many advantages

  • THRC of approximately 1000/hr
  • Redundancy in case one vehicle is down for any reason.
  • Ability to vary capacity depending on attraction demand.
  • Varying capacity reduces staffing and other cost.
  • Uses common queue line and pre-show so the two (2) vehicle system is not 2X the one vehicle system.
  • Queue wait time is reduced. At 1000 riders per hour guest are essentially continuously walking forward.


Major Elements

  • 1 each 50 Seat Tram w/motion base
  • Retracting loading platforms
  • Curved Projection Screens w/Projectors and servers
  • Surround Sound Systems w/players and amplifiers
  • Control System
Sketch Up
3DS Max


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