CAVU’s Eagle Force is a high capacity thrill ride that offers guests a one-of-a-kind, iconic park experience. At 30m tall, this colossal structure provides multiple rotating motions creating unique sensations with ever changing forces and views.

Attraction Description

CAVU’s Eagle Force consists of two separate carousels with outwardly facing seating positioned on a compound steel frame and suspended rotating structure. The suspension structure consists of two towers with a rotating hub and frame between them. On each end of the rotating frame are rotating carousels that seat 24 riders each.

The loading platform designed to drop down providing required clearance for the rotating carousels as they pass.

General Specifications

Carousels 2
Seats/Carousels 24
Total Seating Capacity 48
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical) 886
Load/Unload Time 120 sec
Ride Time 75 sec
Total Cycle Time 195 sec

Details for Designers

Carousels 2
Seats/Carousel 24
Total Seating Capacity 48
Seat Type Floorless
Seat Material Molded FRP/Steel Frame
Rider Seating Position Upright w/feet dangling
Restraint Over-The-Shoulder w/Crotch Strap
Special Feature Electrically locked and monitored
Main Axis Rotation 4 RPM
Carousel Rotation 4 RPM
Load/Unload Time 120 sec
Ride Time 75 sec
Total Cycle Time 195 sec
THRC 886
Weight 130 Metric Tons

Overall Building Dimensions

Base Circumference 15.040 meters
Working Diameter 12 meters of 23 meters
Height 30 meters


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